viernes, 25 de julio de 2008

Tres discos dirigidos por Abraham Padilla catalogados en la Universidad de Boston - USA

Dear Mr. Abraham Padilla Benavides,

I hope it pleases you very much to know that
on June 30th our library received by personal
delivery (via Mr. Luiz Pereira da Silva) three
new compact discs of your work as a conductor
of the various professional symphony orchestras
of Peru :

SL FG 001. Works of Fernando Garcia, recorded live
in Lima, Arequipa, Trujiillo, Piura (2002-04), all
are Peruvian or world premieres. This disc offers
the listener the opportunity to compare performances
of two different orchestras of the same works, such
as Tres Miradas and Luces y Sombras

SL GLS 002. Two concertos recorded live during the
Lima 4th International Festival of Contemporary
Music (Nov. 17, 2006). Garrido-Lecca: Concierto para
guitarra y cuatro grupos instrumentales, and, Soler
[Josep], Concierto para Clarinete. With the National
Symphony Orchestra of Peru.

SL FG 003. Works of Fernando Garcia, recorded live
in concerts of 2005 and 2006. This includes a third
performance of Tres Miradas with a third orchestra,
and also Nuevos Juegos with another orchestra; there
are also Peruvian or World premieres.

This gift greatly enriches our collection. In order to
fully catalog them, with so much important data, the
staff will need a little more time than is usual. I know
that cataloging and availability is important to you
as it is to us. Once cataloging is done, our information
also becomes part of the WorldCat and this will be
valuable exposure for your work.

Finally, I spent a little time at the web site,, and it is inspiring to see how
productive and exciting your activities are in
the realm of live and contemporary music-making
as both a director and a composer.

With sincere thanks and very best wishes,
Holly Mockovak
Head, Music Library, Mugar Memorial Library
Boston University
Boston, MA 02215 USA

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Dolores Serrano Cueto (Lola) dijo...

Hola, un placer conocer este blog, y a otro compositor. Estoy recopilando información para mi blog y he dado con usted. Lo añadiré a mis enlaces.

Estoy escuchando el hilo musical y es bastante nostálgico

Un saludo desde el otro lado.